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Translation and the Archive: Performance, Practice, Negotiation International Symposium

Haus der Universität, Schadowplatz, Düsseldorf


Wednesday, 31 May 2023

12:00-16:00 hrs. HdU, seminar room

Graduate/PhD students meet and greet, workshop-type research exchange with Ato Quayson


17:00 hrs.

Registration, refreshments in the lobby, slow slide show (PhD/graduate student projects)


17:30 hrs.

Conference Opening, HdU Main Lecture Hall Welcome: Marc Caplan and Eva Ulrike Pirker


Reading and performance 

Esther Dischereit 

Flowers for Otello. On the Crimes that came out of Jena

Chair: Iain Galbraith


Keynote Lecture 

Ato Quayson

Tragedy, Disputatiousness, and Postcolonial History: From the Greeks to George Floyd 

Chair: Marc Caplan


Thursday, 1 June

9:15 hrs.

Welcome, housekeeping


9:30 hrs.

Panel 1

Chair: Martina Nicklaus

Irina Dumitrescu

Binders Full of Women: Chaucer and the Failures of the Archive

Andrée-Anne Kekeh-Dika

Reshuffling the Archive: Organic and Portable Repositories in Caribbean Literature (John Agard, Olive Senior, Lorna Goodison)


10:30 hrs. Coffee Break


11:00 hrs.

Plenary, Chair: Martina Nicklaus


11:30 hrs.

Panel 2

Chair: Eva-Maria Troelenberg

Jessica Kirzane

Not Written on Water: Preserving the Literary Recovery of Yiddish Women’s Writings

Sophie Duvernoy

Historical Memory and the Task of Translation in Gabriele Tergit’s Effingers


12:30 hrs.

Lunch break (Catering HdU)


13:30 hrs.

Plenary, Chair: Eva-Maria Troelenberg


14:00 hrs.

Panel 3

Chair: Marion Aptroot

Anita Norich

Writing in Tongues: Yiddish Translation Matters

Rolf Kailuweit

Translational Identities – The Spanish Archives of the Catalan Bourgeoisie in the 19th Century


15:00 hrs. Coffee Break


15:30 hrs.

Plenary, Chair: Marion Aptroot


16:00 hrs.

Panel 4

Chair: Eva Ulrike Pirker

Suzanne Scafe

Category Failure: Beryl Gilroy and the Shadow of the Archives

Birgit Neumann

Spectral Multilingualism - Ghostly Presences in the Anglophone Archive


17:00 hrs. 

Break/walk to Studiobühne, Theatermuseum


18:00 hrs.


Oxana Chi & Layla Zami

I Step on Air 


20:00 hrs. Conference Dinner in town


Friday, 2 June


9:00 hrs.

Plenary, Chair: Eva Ulrike Pirker


9:30 hrs.

Panel 5

Chair: Volker Dörr

Layla Zami

Afro-German Im/Possibilities: Negotiating Power Through Literary and Performative Interventions

Sarah Phillips Casteel

From Image to Text: Translating the Photographic Archive of Black Experience under Nazism


10:30 hrs. Coffee Break


11:00 hrs.

Plenary, Chair: Volker Dörr


11:30 hrs.

Panel 6

Chair: Marc Caplan

Ana Délia Rogobete

Thinking History, War, and Trauma Through Fictional Archive: Walid Raad and The Atlas Group

Christine Richter-Nilsson

Reconstructing the Archive of a Polish Shtetl


12:30 hrs.

Lunch break (catering HdU)


13:30 hrs.

Plenary, Chair: Marc Caplan 


14:00 hrs.

Panel 7

Chair: Vera E. Gerling 

Belén Santana and Cris Travieso

Lost in Paperwork. Literary Translators in Spanish State Archives (PARES)

Adriana X. Jacobs

Translation as Avoda: Hebrew Literature and the Work of Translation


15:00 hrs. Coffee Break


15:30 hrs.

Plenary, Chair: Vera E. Gerling 


16:00 hrs.

Panel 8

Chair: Marc Caplan and Eva Ulrike Pirker

Final plenary with Vera Elisabeth Gerling, Andrée-Anne Kekeh-Dika, Christina Slopek, Katrijn van den Bossche



Note on the format: The breaks (lunch, coffee, evenings) will be used as space for debate, discussion and feedback. Debates on each panel will ensue in the plenary following the break after the panel. Speakers will be asked to comment on the questions and feedback they received during the breaks at the beginning of the ensuing plenary sessions.


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