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Translating Sex, Gender and Queerness: The MA Literary Translation’s Summer School 2022

The 2022 Summer School “Translating Sex, Gender and Queerness” pays tribute to the social significance of the diversity of sexes and genders as well as to structural inequalities between sexes. In this context, it can be very productive to explore how literature deals with these issues: Literature creatively uses language, spaces in-between languages and, in many cases, strategies of performance and translation to time and again verbalize experiences with and concepts of sexes, genders, sexualities and queerness. By engaging collaboratively with literarily condensed forms that are renegotiated by means of translation, the summer school takes up and takes on this profoundly relevant topic. A keynote speech by Dr. Olga Castro (Warwick University) on feminist translation strategies, a reading by Okechukwu Nzelu (Manchester) from novels about homosexuality and intersectionality as well as translation workshops by Rike Bolte (Spanish), Ruth Löbner (Dutch), Lisa Wegener (French) and Tanja Handels (English) constitute the diverse programme of the summer school.

The Summer School for Literary Translation has been organized annually since 2010 by HHU’s MA programme Literary Translation. In workshops, lectures and readings, participants are offered insights into the theory and practice of literary translation: The conference also serves to build bridges between the university and a wider audience. The Summer School is open to anyone with an interest in translation, professional translators, students and the general public.

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