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Translating Heine: Interactive workshop in the context of “Campus (er)leben”

HHU Room

On 13 December, Heinrich Heine's 225th birthday, CTS is offering a workshop in the context of an Initiative that explores facets of our campus: Campus (er)leben. One of today’s main features of our campus is the name of our institution: Heinrich-Heine-Universität, or in short HHU. Heine is present in the university’s logos, PR campaigns, in the design of buildings, which has not always been the case. As ‘translatonalists’, we are interested in (1) the ways in which Heine got translated into and referenced in a wide range of contexts, and (2) the question in how far Heine himself engaged in processes of translation and cultural transfer. So what does it mean when we draw on Heine? The explorative, interactive workshop will aim to open doors and facilitate further engagements across disciplines.

With contributions by Dr. Michaela Oberwinkler (Modern Japan Studies), Dr. Belén Santana (Translationswissenschaften, Translator German-Spanish), Dr. Marc Caplan (Jewish Studies), Dr. Eva Ulrike Pirker (Anglophone Literatures) and HHU Students.

Mostly a German-language event. Knowledge of other involved languages is not required.

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