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How to Apply

Who can apply?

We invite doctoral and MA students who are interested in an interdisciplinary exploration of cultures of translation within European contexts; the ambivalent role of translation in strengthening and overcoming processes of nation-building will be a central concern. A variety of lecture-seminars, debates and workshops on a range of topics pertaining to these topics will offer participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the field and to share their expertise. We ask students to read some key texts in advance. These texts will be circulated to attendees prior to the Summer School. The main conference language will be English, but other source or target languages may be used in individual events over the course of the summer school. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their current projects with HHU researchers working in the field of translation studies.



To apply, please send a brief letter of motivation indicating your specific interest in the topic, your study programme and information on how far you have proceeded in your studies to Late registration for the seminars is possible! Participants will be notified and sent preparatory materials.

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